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Changing the way we work.
By changing the why we work.

Leadership is the defining factor that can make or break an organisation today. At a time where talent is scarcer than capital, organisations must attract future-ready leaders, Fisher Leadership Executive Search has built a long history and deep relationships understanding how and where to find new talent with the capability to lead through new challenges.

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Changing the why we work

A globally awarded Executive Search firm

One of the few internationally accredited Executive Search firms in Australia, our global AESC status ensures the highest standards while our IMD membership gives us access to talent across the globe. Fisher Leadership has a proud history of seeking out diverse leaders with the right mix of experience and future skills. We actively find people who will adapt to change, balance innovation with risk, navigate transformation and lead with purpose. The pride we feel at the end of the day lies in solving leadership challenges person-by-person and role-by-role, blending data with insight after nearly two decades in the business of leadership.

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Grow Your Future Fit capability with Future Exchange

A capability ecosystem for boards and executives.

Future Exchange is a capability ecosystem for board and executive talent wanting to build community, grow capability, and reimagine future career pathways. Unlike other professional networks, we look beyond past experience, and as a community of practice, set our sights on future potential.

Like the challenges we face, the executive journey is no longer linear. When we began working with leaders 20 years ago, the average tenure was 8–10 years for an executive. Today, this is down to 2 – 4 across sectors. Leaders are realising they are in charge of their own career journey, and that includes owning our learning, owning our network, and owning our right to choose ways of working that suit our stage in the leadership lifecycle. Sound like you? Sounds like you need to sign up to the Future X community.

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Over half of the executive search assignments undertaken by our team have resulted in the appointment of outstanding female or LGBTQI+ leaders to high profile roles.


Candidate retention rate for 12 months since 2002

Our thorough briefing process and ability to engage passive candidates mean that we go to great lengths to find the right person for the role – long term!

Candidate Net Promoter Score

Fisher Leadership combines truly personalised relationships with innovative technology solutions to ensure an approachable and efficient process for all. Our Net Promoter Score across clients, successful candidates and unsuccessful candidates is well above industry standard.

candidates supported every year

We maintain genuine relationships with clients, candidates and participants and continue to support them with leadership solutions throughout their careers.

Global Partnerships

When we think about leadership, we are thinking global. As the exclusive local partner to the IMD International Search Group – a global top 20 executive search organisation, Fisher Leadership enables clients and candidates to connect across regions, cultures and sectors. We are also a fully credited member of AESC, the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants.

A Connected Community

At Fisher Leadership we believe partnership is the new leadership. We understand the value of strong communities and feel compelled and grateful to contribute proactively to the places where we live and work.

Creating a World
of Difference

At Fisher Leadership, we believe the way people want to connect to work is changing. But what’s changing faster, is the way organisations need to connect to talent. Curating the right mix of diverse leaders around the decision-making tables of the future is critical. Every aspect of our business is geared to challenge and lead the executive journey of the future. Diversity generates better debate, better risk management, better strategy and better outcomes. Over nearly two decades, we have significantly impacted gender and cultural diversity at senior levels. Our responsibility now lies in arming leadership teams with cognitive diversity, or diversity of thought.

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“I would have no hesitation in recommending Fisher Leadership.  We have worked with them for three appointments – CEO role, Head of Corporate Services and Head of Communications & Policy.”

Head of Communications & Policy


“Throughout our engagement, I have been impressed with your professionalism. More-so, your open approach and genuine interest (in me and my career) made it very easy to understand the role/opportunity and how I and my experiences might fit/contribute. What I found particularly impressive, was your willingness to provide instant and honest feedback. This had a significant influence on my motivation for the position.”


Federal Government AEC

“After an extensive process we chose Fisher Leadership because of their track record. Everyone we spoke to were delighted with both the process and the outcome when working with Fisher Leadership. We have been impressed with all aspects of the process, in particular the communication and flexibility. They put together an outstanding candidate list.”


REPUTABLE Grammar School

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As one of the few internationally accredited Executive Search firms in Australia, Fisher Leadership’s global AESC status evinces our high standards while our IMD Partner Firms enable access to talent across the globe. With candidate care ratings that are consistently above industry norms and client relations that are second to none, we look forward to partnering with you to harness diverse leaders with the right mix of experience and future skills for your organisation.




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