COVID-19: Open for business with innovation ahead of change - Fisher Leadership

COVID-19: Open for business with innovation ahead of change


Gig Executive


As organisations adjust to a new way of working, the Gig Executive team is deploying highly qualified, credentialed and immediately available leaders that can join your team to deliver in-demand skills such as change management, crisis communications and organisational redesign immediately. Read more.



Leadership & Transition

Our experienced team of coaches and career strategists partner with organisations or individuals coping with change. All of our high-demand courses are seamlessly delivered online and adapted to take into account the specific operating environment and factors pertaining to COVID-19. Read more.

Future Leaders & Emerging Conditions

Our boardroom discussion module is delivered as an interactive digital experience and develops the organisational agenda to ensure relevancy and value for a changing stakeholder base, in changing times. Read more.

Executive Mental Health

Our proactive and comprehensive executive mental health and wellbeing program protects your most valuable asset – the wellbeing of your leaders and their teams. Delivered as a series of online confidential coaching sessions, live-streamed team workshops and supported by a digital resource portal, there has never been a more critical time to support you leaders. Read more.


Embracing Business as Unusual

Uncertain times can cause fear and confusion, and it is in these times where the imperative for leaders to respond with transparency, courage and empathy is most needed. For nearly 20 years, the team at Fisher Leadership has been called in to partner with organisations, candidates and individuals in turbulent times. We know first-hand the toll such disruption takes on leaders. As signs of the impact of COVID-19 on the economy start revealing falls in consumer and business sentiment and leaders grapple with uncertainty and accelerated change being the new norm, it’s time to put our decade of ‘Future of Work’ learnings into action. 

At Fisher Leadership, we remain alert and engaged but not alarmed. Our priority is our people, our clients and the greater community as we aim to provide factual information, clear direction and emotional support. Our team are fully informed, and we have quickly adapted our delivery model to ensure ongoing productivity, effective workflow and undisrupted service to our clients. We will continue to adapt our work practices to ensure we align to best practice and will scale as circumstances dictate. Importantly, we will continue using appropriate channels to mitigate confusion and isolation.

What actions are we taking? 

Project Completion

All of the projects that are currently in progress with face to face requirements have the ability to be amended to technology delivery, we will work closely with you to curate a solution that works for each specific project. 


100% of our team have full remote working capability and the technical  tools to support ongoing delivery. Increased use of video, online collaboration tools and streaming is a critical first step. 

Physical distancing

We have chosen to use the term ‘physical’ distancing as opposed to ‘social’ distancing as we are working hard to ensure our reduced human contact retains human connection. The team have long embraced both flexible and remote working and are adept at maintaining high engagement, collaboration and productivity while working from home.

Personal Hygiene

Best practice personal hygiene measures are in place across the firm, with a heightened awareness campaign over the last 3 weeks.


In a time of social distancing, collaboration and rapid learning  must remain a priority. Our upcoming events will be livestreamed and communications to stakeholders are personalised to avoid information overload. 

How can we help? 

We will get through this together and all of our people need to see it, hear it and know it. Please reach out to us if you need leadership support. 

The best leaders think strategically about opportunities in times of crises to go on the offensive. This lesson applies as much to talent strategy as it does to business strategy. 

Should you need a Gig Executive with expertise in contingency planning, a leadership team strategy session to assist leaders operating in emerging conditions, or executive mental health and wellbeing support, please get in touch by calling +613 9016 6000 or emailing 

Be well. Lead well. Do well. 

No, thank you.