Our Purpose

Fisher Leadership’s driving purpose is to make a positive impact by empowering individuals, organisations and wider communities to realise their aspirational goals.

Our aim is to support leaders of the future to harness personal motivations and strengths by forging shared commitment around a positive organisational purpose.

We focus on organisations with strategic objectives that include positive social impact, where strong people skills, change-agility and enthusiasm for positive societal outcomes are important leadership qualities.

Fisher Leadership engages with organisations and individuals at a deep level to understand what defines success for them. We apply the principles of positive leadership via practical tools that look beyond experience and capabilities to understand underlying aspirations for meaning and fulfillment.

Our Values

Fisher Leadership's values reflect our aim to support the success of organisations and leaders who aspire to make a positive impact in the world.
  • Aspire

    We value genuine commitment to make a positive social impact by contributing to successful team performance

  • Sync

    We value the desire to work in sync with a team who share values and a sense of collective purpose

  • Engage

    We value willingness to engage with positive aims and participate in positive ways as collaborative and supportive team members

  • Win Win

    We value the desire to define success in balanced and sustainable ways that realise personal, organisational and community aspirations

Think Global

Finding successful leaders of the future is all about thinking and acting globally as part of a digitally savvy network of culturally diverse, purpose driven professionals.

As a global firm, Fisher Leadership enables clients and candidates to connect across regions, cultures and sectors around shared vision, values and purpose. We also frame, support and nurture the global social networks needed to find exactly the right leaders to fit each specific culture and purpose.

Our international candidate engagement is facilitated through exclusive partnership with the IMD International Search Group - a global top 20 executive search organisation - and we are a fully accredited member of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants.


In pursuit of our mission to make a positive social impact we actively sponsor a range of community based organisations and initiatives aimed at socially positive outcomes such as increasing diversity of access to leadership opportunities and enabling disadvantaged people to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

We encourage and enable all within our wider networks to lend support to the positive community initiatives that we are proud to sponsor.

Members & Affiliations

In pursuit of our effort to empower individuals, organisations and wider communities to realise their aspirational goals we support member-based organisations with strategic objectives that include positive social impact. Our memberships and afficiations enable us to engage with professional networks in ways that create opportunities to make new contacts, share ideas, and discuss practical ways to deliver positive leadership outcomes.

Fisher Leadership is proud to belong to the following outstanding member based organisations.

How can we help?

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