Alix Candy is the successful candidate for the Director People and Patient Experience role at The Royal Women's Hospital (the Women's) - Fisher Leadership

Alix Candy is the successful candidate for the Director People and Patient Experience role at The Royal Women’s Hospital (the Women’s)

This is a new position that has been created to actively lead the provision of quality and integrated People and Patient experiences across the hospital.

Alix holds over 13 years of organisational development and leadership experience and has spent the last six years of her career with the Women’s.  In Alix’s previous role of Strategic Workforce Development Manager she was responsible for delivering programs to build organisational effectiveness through people and leadership.  Key achievements for Alix include leading the development of The Women’s Employment Value Proposition, developing key messaging and branding in conjunction with communications and marketing stakeholders.  Alix worked to implement a range of initiatives and academic research in partnership with Monash University to support employee wellbeing, with a particular focus on those in the mid to later stages of their careers.  Additionally, Alix led the development of the Women’s People Strategy 2016 – 2020, from original conception to Board endorsement.  The plan was designed to build robust foundational practices, growing to meet organisational needs and building team capability over the course of the plan.

Prior to joining the Women’s Alix worked as a Senior Consultant, leading a range of global Organisational Development projects. She also worked at the Transport Accident Commission for seven years and was part of the multi-million dollar project to relocate the TAC from Melbourne to Geelong. Here, Alix’s responsibilities included change management, culture and employee development.

Creating exceptional patient experience programs is a real highlight for Alix in her career. Alix is committed to the vision of the Womens and is very excited to commence in her new role in order to create exceptional experiences for both people and patients across the hospital.

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