AVI. Your license to operate in the new economy.

Curating the right mix of high calibre, diverse leaders around your decision-making table. AVI is the equivalent of a license to operate in the new economy. At Fisher Leadership we are pulling the threads of diversity and inclusion, future skills, adaptable mindset and change-ready leadership together to form a new way of assessing and connecting … Continued

Indigenous Art, Community Health and Victorian Wellbeing – Me and Uoo Uoo

FISHER LEADERSHIP IS PROUD TO SPONSOR ARTIST GREG MATTHEWS’ PARTICIPATION IN THE ROYAL CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL FOUNDATION ART TRAIL IN 2021 It might seem difficult to believe after the year we’ve had, but rumour has it Melbourne’s streets are set to come to life in February 2021 with a unique, outdoor art event. In support of … Continued

A powerful digital learning platform to own your career transition journey.

A Company Announcement: Career Accelerator There is no doubt that 2020 has thrown into stark relief the importance of leadership at every level of society. With an ‘unemployment tsunami’ predicted for 2021, it is imperative that organisations support transitioning leaders to position their capabilities, and confidence for the new working world. Career Accelerator is a new … Continued

Mental Fatigue & Burnout

Our world is changing fast. Our work rhythms are disrupted. Our workplaces are being redefined. Our work is requiring us to be more human. Is this a bad thing?

Human Resource Directors in Independent Schools

Source: Image provided by Melbourne Grammar School From the Head of Melbourne Grammar School, Philip Grutzner As little as 15 years ago, Human Resource Directors were unheard of in independent schools. The HR responsibilities were usually amongst the Principal’s responsibilities. Despite their best efforts, not many Principals(Heads) were able to do this well, as they … Continued

Managing through change

When departing Headmaster of Melbourne Grammar School, Mr Roy Kelley, approached Fisher Leadership to secure a high performing Human Resources Director to lead the function for a 13-month period, the Gig Executive team stepped in. Their high calibre, fast-turn-around solution has clearly brought immense value. Have you ever wondered how a senior leader steps into an interim role? There is much to be learned from these change-ready leaders who come in at a moment’s notice and take the reins with ease. Take a moment to hear from Malcolm Leigh-Smith on his recent experience.

Available Interim: Vanessa Hannan

Vanessa Hannan is an experienced strategic marketing and communications professional with over 15 years’ experience and a demonstrated record of devising and managing end to end strategies. Until recently Vanessa was the Director of Engagement and Marketing at St Michael’s Grammar School, and as a member of the Executive team, she contributed to the day-to-day … Continued

Our Breathing Space program features in AFR

Breathing Space is a leadership and mental health program helping leaders create the space to balance high performance with high pressure. Not commuting, working from home and being deskbound for longer are contributing to the stress and burnout many executives now face. But although many are experiencing higher levels of anxiety and depression, there are plenty of programs and actions that can help instill a sense of calm and ease even during this difficult time.

Community leadership colours our 2020 reflection

– with Managing Director Michelle Loader Leading people solutions We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks as a firm to the many leaders, teams and organisations who have sought our advice, engaged our talented consultants and worked together to create better leadership in our fast-changing world. Many of you know us as an Executive Search firm. … Continued

Everybody Needs a Home – and Australia needs a National Homelessness Strategy.

This week is #HW2020: Homelessness Week. The theme is Everybody Needs a Home. However as Melbourne goes into stage 4 lockdown, many don’t have a home to retreat to. Who is looking after those with no defence against winter, violence, hunger – let alone Coronavirus? Mary’s House At Fisher Leadership we know what it takes … Continued

Emergency Services – Strength in Flexing

Paula McCabe, Manager Client Development What a year 2020 has been. And none have felt it more so than Australia and New Zealand’s Emergency Services sector.  MIND, the mental health charity has found that nearly 90% of emergency service staff have experienced stress, low mood and poor mental health at some point while working for the emergency … Continued

The power of positive stories

COVID-19 silver linings… As we flip the switch from surviving COVID-19 to reimagining a world of work in which we all thrive, we thought it would be a good idea to start gathering and sharing positive stories that result from our current circumstances. In order to do so, we need your help. So, if you … Continued

Managing your international recruitment through COVID-19

Written by Kirsten Henderson, Associate Partner, New Zealand Our clients are having to come up with creative solutions to manage international appointments at this time due to the current border restrictions. What happens when clients have executive appointments and contracts signed? Do we reassess the start date or consider onboarding remotely? What does best practice … Continued

Who’s missing from your leadership table?

At Fisher Leadership, we’ve been connecting on-demand, executive talent with future-facing organisations for nearly a decade. What was traditionally called ‘interim’ and understood as ‘gap-filling’ is now a competitive solution bringing bringing critical skills to the table at pace. Our framework is ‘Right talent. Right table. Right time.’ We have the following Gig Executives ready … Continued

Remotely in Control of Mental Health?

In a high-pressure, high-stakes, highly volatile business environment, the mental health and wellbeing of our decision-makers is crucial.  Fisher Leadership has introduced Breathing Space, an executive mental health and wellbeing program that can be delivered remotely or in person, enabling leaders to maintain perspective, empathy and creativity while navigating change.  Prior to COVID-19, the direct cost … Continued

COVID-19: Open for business with innovation ahead of change

CLIENTS’ MOST REQUESTED SERVICES IN THESE CHALLENGING TIMES: Gig Executive As organisations adjust to a new way of working, the Gig Executive team is deploying highly qualified, credentialed and immediately available leaders that can join your team to deliver in-demand skills such as change management, crisis communications and organisational redesign immediately. Read more. Leadership & Transition … Continued

Mental Health and Wellbeing: the tradeoffs

How do leaders prioritise and build good mental health and wellbeing in a fast-changing environment? The upside is both personally and professionally compelling. Leaders who are mentally well make better decisions, maintain clearer perspective, are more innovative and build fruitful relationships. Organisations with leadership wellbeing strategies reduce health risk factors and stress by up to 56% ​(Ahrens, McCarthy, Almeida, 2011)​.

Executives today need Breathing Space – a mental health and wellbeing program for leaders.

CogNative Advisory, powered by Fisher Leadership, launches an executive mental health and wellbeing program to protect high performance leaders operating in high pressure environments.

Cognitive Diversity – a way to overcome “Diversity Fatigue”?

Is diversity fatigue really a thing? Apparently so. You may have seen the article in The Australian recently, highlighting ‘diversity fatigue’, that trended on LinkedIn? Following closely, was another article on ‘diversity and inclusion fatigue’ in response to the release of the WGEA scorecard. As proponents of the value a diverse mix of leaders bring … Continued

Inventing a corporate ‘drone’ challenge!

Corporate Drone Challenge Fisher Leadership and UAVISUALS™ have come together to create a revolutionary and exciting corporate drone challenge. The customisable designed team activity amplifies cross-functional innovation, courage in approaching new technology and communication under pressure. We designed the entire experience around our digital strategy and core business value. The best part? Our team had … Continued

A new way to access talent – the Gig Executive

A world of difference FISHER LEADERSHIP HAS LEVERAGED ITS DEEP EXPERIENCE IN BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER WITH FRESH IDEAS TO CREATE  A NEW WAY TO ACCESS TOP TALENT.  AICD CEO Magazine Our workforce has entered a period of profound change. The onset of new technologies is disrupting industries and the pace of change within business is … Continued

RUOK? or worse… R U ‘fine’?

We acknowledge that #RUOKDAY was created to prevent the silent suicide. Many of us have been in the shoes of the person who says ‘but they seemed fine.’ The truth is, that ‘fine’ is the barrier to many things. It’s the barrier to us looking ourselves in the eye and asking if we are living each day … Continued

AESC Honours Jo Fisher with Lifetime Achievement Award for Impact

The AESC Lifetime Achievement Award honors long-term achievement in the executive search and leadership consulting profession. This year’s award goes to Jo Fisher, Founder and Managing Director of Fisher Leadership. Based in Melbourne, Fisher has dedicated 20 years to the advancement of executive search. Known as an iconic leader in gender diversity, from the early … Continued

Crafting the Future – Designing our Work

Last month we invited Rob Baker, Job Crafting expert from the UK to come and speak to People leaders about empowering employees to design their own work. Excerpts from Rob Baker… We live in a world where the personalisation of goods, services and activities is becoming ever more prevalent and popular. From the comfort of … Continued

Fisher Leadership, embracing change from within.

Media Release July 29, 2019: Founding Director of Fisher Leadership, Jo Fisher, launches new Gig Executive business and Strategic Advisory practice, announcing Michelle Loader as Managing Director to lead teams across all three operations.  Niche Executive Search and Advisory firm Fisher Leadership today announces Founder and Director Jo Fisher is joining forces with HR advisory … Continued

Jo Fisher contributes to Deakin MBA program.

The strength of an MBA program can be determined by its strong and current links to industry. In the Deakin MBA, students develop insider knowledge and industry connections through their relationships with our carefully selected industry adjunct professors. According to MBA Course Director Associate Professor Colin Higgins, the industry adjunct professors offer a mix of … Continued

TEDX Melbourne

The Fisher Leadership team thoroughly enjoyed attending the TEDxMelbourne event last night. As a Melbourne-founded international company, we are always thrilled to hear local voices and ideas amplified. We particularly appreciated the talk by Dave King, CEO and founder of local artificial intelligence startup Move 37, which uses machine learning and natural language generation to … Continued

The Trade & Investment Commisioners ​representing us overseas…​

What are the attributes needed to take Australia to the world? Leadership on the international stage is key in today’s hyper-connected world. In recent months, Fisher Leadership has helped successfully appoint two Commissioners to influential postings. We are proud to play a role in Australia’s representation overseas, negotiating business with the kind of global mindset … Continued

Does your leadership team desire more agile working solutions?

Does your leadership team desire more agile working solutions? Gig Executive talent will unlock the opportunities you are able to offer your most valuable people. Many individuals and companies are fast recognising that the benefits of a ‘Gap Year’ extend beyond university graduates when it comes to developing engaged, innovative and adaptable leaders at every level. Flexibility around work and employment arrangements is a business imperative in the contest to retain great talent at the executive and managerial levels.

Fisher Leadership places Professor Tanya Monro as Chief Defence Scientist at DST Group

Professor Tanya Monro is the new Chief Defence Scientist at the Defence, Science and Technology (DST) Group, where she will provide high level policy and scientific advice, manage a significant budget and lead some of Australia’s brightest and most innovative scientists, engineers and IT specialists. Over 20 years as an academic, Tanya has displayed an … Continued

What type of interim executive are you?

When considering if the agile life is the better life consider the different ways you could structure your new career.