Fisher Leadership sponsors IPAA Leading Employer Award 2018

Creating the public sector workforces and workplaces of the future

Fisher Leadership is delighted to announce our sponsorship of the 2018 IPAA Leading Employer Award for creating the public sector workforces and workplaces of the future. This recognises strong leadership that supports staff to grow and contribute as part of a positive culture in a safe and welcoming workplace where new technologies are embraced so that employees can be more efficient and effective.

Interim management solution

Our sponsorship aims to highlight the important role interim management has to play in creating a more flexible and agile workforce that can deliver better outcomes with less resources in a highly regulated work environment.

Augmenting longer term contractors with experienced and highly skilled senior leaders who are willing and able to step in on short notice as interim managers is a smart way to fill short-term vacancies and avoid the need for expensive consultants.

Taking the pressure off permanent staff with interim management support is a cost-effective way to maintain a positive culture, minimise the risk of stress and maintain team focus on strategic goals.

Fisher Leadership is proud to offer access to an exceptional pool of interim talent and apply our deep knowledge of both the public sector and individual leaders to enable interim management to work as a strategic solution to your future workforce challenges.

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