Grant Collis is the new Manager, Electrical at Chisholm Institute

Grant Collis is the new Manager, Electrical at Chisholm Institute. Grant is a Vocational Education and Training professional with a vast and varied knowledge of the VET system. In his previous role as Lead Teacher Electrical, he was responsible for the training and administration requirements of over 600 students studying in electrical trades training programs. This responsibility involved the coordination of over 20 teaching staff as well as administration and support staff to effectively deliver these training programs and ensure that daily operations and classes ran efficiently and complied with the VET Regulators (ASQA) requirements. He has also been in charge of business development, securing a business capability grant (Sustainability Victoria). This grant will be utilised to develop training in Energy Efficiency for the ‘Next Generation of Electrician”. In partnership with Energy Space the resources will be hosted on their learning management system. Grant’s previous roles have included independent contracting in VET for Registered Training Organisations, Vocational Training Manager for Catholic Regional College and Program Coordinator in Electrical Trades for Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE. He was also a Training Package Specialist at ForestWorks Industry Skills Council.