Justin Walsh is the successful candidate for the Principal role at Andale School

Since 2004 until joining Andale, Justin was engaged with Southern Autistic School as Assistant Principal. Most recently Justin has conducted a 6 monthly and 12 monthly reviews of the School’s Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) and was involved in the process of organising the school’s 12 monthly AIP review. Justin has also been taking the lead in regard to recent school improvement cycles. This has included evaluating the impact of previous strategic plans, setting goals, planning strategies and evaluating annually to produce quality annual implementation plans.

Justin was instrumental in evaluating and subsequently implementing a differentiated curriculum from the USA into Southern Autistic School. The new program allowed for individual outcomes and for students to follow a guided curriculum path. So far the results have been very encouraging and the Department of Education is rolling out the new program to several other schools.

Throughout his time with Southern Autistic School, Justin has worked closely with mainstream schools across the south-east region of Melbourne to provide successful transitions between schools and supporting parents to successfully plan flexible and differentiated transitions.