Simon Costa is the new Business Operations Manager at Mentone Grammar

Simon Costa is the new Business Operations Manager at Mentone Grammar. In his previous role as Credit Executive/Associate Director at the National Australia Bank, Simon had the responsibility for initiating, developing and controlling independent school sector specific credit and risk management along with providing leadership in improving credit standards and portfolio management. During the last 10 years, Simon has been responsible for the significant growth achieved by the bank in this area.  He has been instrumental in helping schools define what success looks like from a metrics perspective and has been one of the key architects behind the predictive reports now available to schools using industry data analytics.

Before this Simon was the Senior Credit & Risk Manager where he was seconded into various leadership roles where he provided credit and risk support for the bank’s fastest growing sector. Prior to this Simon held the position of Senior Credit Manager with NAB where he prepared recommendations for the Australian Credit Committee covering commercial funding transactions at the top end of corporate and business banking for clients in all sectors. Directly prior to this Simon worked as Credit Manager within the Agri unit, which was responsible for maintaining and enhancing credit quality for the domestic agricultural business segment. In this role he proved his capability to undertake a new challenge and gained a recognised award in expanding customer relationships.