Sue Robb is the new General Manager Pedagogy and Practice at Goodstart Early Learning

Sue Robb is the new General Manager Pedagogy and Practice at Goodstart Early Learning. Sue is a well-known and celebrated international thought leader in early childhood pedagogy. She undertook a seven-year tenure at Action for Children, where she lead the delivery of the Department of Education’s strategic partnership for early years and childcare, with responsibility to provide advice to government on all aspects of early years and childcare. In this role her largest challenge lay in the rollout of the 30-hour childcare entitlement announced during 2017 in the United Kingdom. This required a pedagogical approach to pilot new contracts with councils and other bodies and organisations to ensure that with more partnerships and collaborations, the sector remains viable.

In addition, Sue focused on quality improvement and assurance, sector-led improvement, the early years workforce and delivery of entitlements, special educational needs and the United Kingdom’s Social Mobility Action Plan. These endeavours influence policy for the charity’s 40+ nurseries,

Before this, Sue spent three years at Capita, establishing the role of the early years quality improvement consultant in all local governments. She influenced the successful implementation of policy and program to improve the quality of provision and children’s outcomes, designed and delivered national programs such as the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and its associated Quality Improvement Program, built partnerships to secure buy-in, and restructured monitoring and evaluation systems to support children’s ongoing progress.

Prior to her time at Capita, Sue spent approximately 14 years in the public sector with a global focus, delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage. In her role as Lead Inspector at the London Borough of Sutton and Surrey County Council, Sue led the implementation of transition systems and structures between preschool and Reception. In her early career, Sue spent 14 years as a teacher, including three years in the British School, Athens, and six years as Early Years and Infant Lead in the British School, Manila, Philippines.