Sue White is the new Chief Executive Officer at the Queen Elizabeth Centre

Sue White is the new Chief Executive Officer at the Queen Elizabeth Centre. Sue is an outcome focused health sector leader with over 12 years of experience in health executive leadership, particular change agendas, influencing and implementing strategies and efficient operations management. Sue was previously responsible for strategic and operational leadership of a variety of programs and a range of cross-organisational portfolios, managing a large annual budget and approximately 150 staff. Sue successfully led the research and evaluation strategy to improve productivity and quality of Star Health’s services, adapting an innovative approach. Sue also secured output and performance targets, and as a result income grew by 50%. At Salvation Army, Sue established Access Health, a primary health service for people experiencing homelessness and substance abuse. Sue managed the ongoing disciplinary healthcare services where the budget grew by 50%. Previously, Sue joined the Royal District Nursing Service as a Community Health Nurse focused on healthcare for homeless people. Earlier in her career, Sue was at Save the Children managing a health development initiative based in Bucharest focusing on care for children with HIV.