TEDX Melbourne

The Fisher Leadership team thoroughly enjoyed attending the TEDxMelbourne event last night. As a Melbourne-founded international company, we are always thrilled to hear local voices and ideas amplified.

We particularly appreciated the talk by Dave King, CEO and founder of local artificial intelligence startup Move 37, which uses machine learning and natural language generation to explore the relationship between AI and humans. Amid great scepticism surrounding the increasing use of augmentation and automation in the jobs market, people have been focusing fears on human redundancy and unemployment. Dave invites us instead to challenge this assumption by embracing the game-changing partnerships we could leverage between man and machine, especially in creative realms. Dave asks “will #limitless technology really limit us?”

Another compelling talk was delivered by the extraordinary Samantha Gash – a Melbourne-born endurance runner who pushes herself past normal limits, running across deserts no less, in order to spread a message of resilience and social impact. Samantha advocates that to live big we must be willing to enter new territory. She breaks disruption strategy down into the planning phase, where risk mitigation and performance optimisation is key. Then moves into the execution stage where the plan needs to be thrown out the window in order to reset and adapt at speed. At this point, says Samantha, “None of us are defined or limited by our past. The secret to a successful life is to say yes!” and adopt an attitude of relentless forward motion to unlock a whole range of possibilities.

Samantha tells the audience “if you want something you’ve never had you need to do something that you have never done”. 

Authored by Morgaine Barnes