Damian Johnson - Fisher Leadership

Damian Johnson

Advisory Board Chair / Senior Principal

Damian is an experienced, energetic and results-oriented leader. Driven by facts and motivated by making a difference, Damian delivers outcomes blending a mature level of strategy development with governance, financial and commercial skills. Damian’s service industry experience includes more than 20 years in C-suite roles across multiple markets including Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Joining the CogNative Advisory team, Damian is leading the discussion on organisational sustainability as a response to changing community expectations. His role is integral in providing strategic direction and operational implementation developing an Organisational Sustainability Board Module. This offering helps leaders build the organisational agenda through the lens of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Damian’s in-practice knowledge of stakeholder demands involving ethical investment processes and decision-making are of strong benefit to clients. The ESG Organisational Sustainability framework will help decision-makers to integrate a wide spectrum of issues including climate change response, natural resource and waste management, effectiveness of health and safety policies, supply chain management, corporate culture setting to build trust and foster innovation.

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