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Why is Fisher Leadership about Positive Leadership?

What kind of Leadership do we need for the future?

What kind of Leadership is needed to succeed in the increasingly dynamic, uncertain, and digitally disrupted workplaces of the future, where the rapid pace of change is likely to remain constant?

Terms like Transformational Leadership, Centred Leadership, Responsible Leadership, Trust-Based Leadership have been suggested and, in some ways, each reflects what is needed to master future challenges and opportunities for doing business.

In our view, however, no term more succinctly captures the essence of the holistic and humanistic leadership approach needed to be a truly effective and inspirational leader of the future than “Positive Leadership”.

What is Positive Leadership?

The concept of Positive Leadership emerged from the early, pioneering exploration of Professor Martin Seligman into positive psychology. At the individual level, this work focused on strengths, talents, and positive traits that contribute to personal well-being, contentment, satisfaction, optimism, flow and happiness.

Professor Kim Cameron further explored this through his ground-breaking research on organisations, which achieved exceptional success.  He and many other strategic OD experts confirmed that positive leadership embraces and focuses on strengths and drives the dynamics and behaviours that are positive, vital, and cause teams and organisations to flourish.

What defines a Positive Leader lies beyond their ability to bring desired technical skills and experience, and involves their ability to demonstrate values and character strengths that help team members to find meaning, to relate, to be energised, to innovate, and to flourish.

Why is Fisher Leadership so Positive about this insight?

Positive Leadership is purposeful leadership. It is about creating a genuinely positive workplace environment, where everyone is encouraged and supported to collectively align around positive practices that naturally drive both people and business performance.

As search and leadership consulting professionals, we believe that today’s companies and organisations must become better equipped to attract and retain employees of the future. They need to actively shape the positive leadership culture needed to inspire and motivate. By applying a contemporary and positive lens to the activities, practices, projects and interventions that support and develop positive cultural alignment, leaders will build resilience at the same time as enhancing individual and organisational wellbeing.

Fisher Leadership is about finding, encouraging, shaping, adapting and supporting positive leaders who will make a positive impact on their teams, their organisations and society, through their Positive Leadership into the future.

We also believe in partnering with our clients and candidates to create this future together!

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