A Brisbane Dinner with Heads of Independent Schools and UQ Colleges - Fisher Leadership

A Brisbane Dinner with Heads of Independent Schools and UQ Colleges

Brisbane Dinner:

Fisher Leadership in Queensland.

The Fisher Leadership Independent Schools team on the ground in Queensland, led by Associate Partner Amanda Bell AO.


The Fisher Leadership Team were delighted to host thirteen principals from independent schools in SE Queensland and four heads of UQ colleges for dinner at the Brisbane Club. There are many common themes impacting both schools and colleges, including quality staff attraction and retention, student and staff wellbeing, leadership development for middle managers and the pathways for secondary students into tertiary life. The discussions were insightful, and Fisher Leadership looks to tailor its leadership, well-being, and executive programs to assist leaders in both sectors to deliver innovative and effective solutions for their organisations, students and staff.

In addition, the Team had some very informative visits to schools in Sydney and Brisbane. Tours of campuses, facilities and plans for new developments and programs underpinned the generous hospitality from school leaders. These visits and resultant conversations assist the Team to better understand current trends in education, the requirements in terms of staff skills and capabilities, and the key strategic goals for future staff development.

Fisher Leadership would like to sincerely thank all the principals, heads and senior staff involved for their generosity and willingness to share their ideas. Should any school leaders wish to contact us about our wellbeing programs, leadership development series, individual coaching, or executive recruitment, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Terrific dinner last night at The Brisbane Club with Heads of independent schools and UQ Colleges – talking all things current in education with the Fisher Leadership team.

Amanda Bell AO

Associate Partner, Fisher Leadership

No, thank you.