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Career Accelerator Tip: Tapping into the interview!


Career Accelerator is a hybrid digital coaching platform that exists to make transition a more empowering experience. We provide you with the ability to use the tools you need, when you need them, wherever you are.

Present your best self in every interview…

  1. When you have been retrenched having to go for interviews can be nerve racking – we want you to know that there are six questions all interviewers ask themselves when they are sitting across from you, trying to work out whether you are the person to take their organisation forward. Once you know what they are likely to be thinking about, you can prepare answers to these questions and use these to frame your responses which will bring you closer to getting the role. 
  1. We believe on of the keys to landing a role is to be your difference. What does that mean? To actively think about what makes you different from the next person and amplify that in the interview. Most employers want to hire for diversity –  help them understand how you will bring the value of difference to their team. Diversity comes in many forms, how you look, how you sound, how you think, what you have done with your life, and the skills you possess. Diversity includes race, gender, age etc, but also goes beyond demography. What will you bring to the table that will offer new insights, ways of working, understanding of forgotten stakeholder groups or a reframe of company assumptions? 
  1. When we talk about diversity, we must also acknowledge that affinity bias does exist, people hire people they develop rapport with and feel comfortable with – ie those they like.  However liking someone often transcends visible diversity dimensions such as race, age, disability, gender etc. Therefore learning how to be more personable, overcome nerves, and be more engaging has a positive impact on whether or not you are likely to get the job.

Six vital interview questions…

What is it important to nail during the intervew?

  1. The good news with an interview is that the hiring manager or a panel of HR and hiring managers want you to be the right person for the job. They want to hire you!  All you need to do is give them the evidence to make it easy for them to make that decision.

    You do this by demonstrating that you’re capable of fulfilling the job requirements in a manner consistent with their culture and able to effectively add value to their organisation.

    They will be asking themselves these 6 questions whether consciously or unconsciously. 

    1. 1) Do you understand the job?

    2. 2) Can you do the job?

    3. 3) Do you want to do the job?

    4. 4) Will you fit into the culture or cause problems in the team?

    5. 5) Do I like you?

    6. 6) Can I afford you?

    Everything you say or do during the interview must address these questions. 

    Your job in the interview is to eliminate any fear doubt or uncertainty they may have about your suitability for the role.  Often a hiring manger will make no decision and leave the job unfilled rather than take a risk and get it wrong.

A job is made up of two main components:

    • 1) What you do 
    • 2) How you do it

    What you do can be seen in the technical aspects of the role; your key result areas; your key performance

    indicators. It is the job tasks or duties. For example; creating spreadsheets, making sales calls, or paying accounts.

    How you do it focuses on your behaviours; these are behavioural competencies. This includes things like, are you accurate, are you on time, do you demonstrate initiative etc.

    When you go for an interview, the hiring managers focus on both what they need you to do and how they need you to do it. It is easier to teach technical skills or job skills, than to teach people behaviours. Culture fit is important in success in any organisation.


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Career Accelerator is a hybrid digital learning platform providing practical career transition advice and specifically created for high-change 2021 Australian market. We partner with organisatons and individuals to help secure meaningful employment when a role has been impacted by change. The platform is a scalable blend of one-on-one coaching supported by a full digital suite of transition tools. Six online programs, each containing 8-10 modules, are supported by actionable resources including workbooks, best practice, checklists, diagnostics, case studies, templates and other relevant information. Career Accelerator allows people to benefit from self-paced learning, when they want it, wherever they are, while saving the tricky conversations for the one-on-one coaching.