Privacy Policy

JFE Global Pty Ltd (the Company) trading as Fisher Leadership, Gig Executive and CogNative Solutions, obtains personal information about you when you inquire about or seek employment positions or other services which are offered through us for our clients, which information is appropriate for our search, recruitment, interim executive and consulting activities. This policy outlines our commitment to ensuring that your personal information is appropriately collected, stored, managed and protected, and how these objectives are achieved.

By providing the Company with personal information, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of such information by the company, in accordance with this policy and the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), as amended.

What is Personal Information?

The type of personal information which may be collected includes your; date of birth, address, contact details, bank details, tax file number, employment history, references, qualifications and right to work in Australia.

The Company may also collect other types of personal information about you, known as “sensitive information”. This includes details of any memberships of trade unions or other professional associations, your criminal record, medical history. Sensitive information will only be collected from you with your consent, as required by law.

How is Personal Information Collected?

Generally, personal information will be collected from you directly, either from your employment application or from your direct discussions with one of our executive consultants.

However, in some circumstances, personal information may also be obtained from public available sources, third parties such as a referee and/or the results of any psychological or competency assessments.

How is Personal Information Used?

We will only use personal information about you for the purposes for which the information was primarily obtained, or for a related purpose for which you would reasonably expect the information to be disclosed.

Personal information may be used by the Company for a number of purposes, including:

  • contacting you about a position;
  • determining if you are suitable for a particular employment position;
  • submitting your details to a client or potential client;
  • complying with statutory obligations such as taxation, superannuation and workers’ compensation requirements;
  • administering pay and leave entitlements;
  • analysing market trends and needs;
  • identifying potential new clients; and
  • enhancing the services which the Company provides to you.

Storage and Security

Information collected will be stored in our secured data management and storage system until it is no longer required. We will ensure that your information is only used as provided for in this Policy, and that it remains confidential and secure.

Sharing Information

Other than the purpose for which it has been provided or a related purpose, the Company will only share your information:-

  • Where we have a legal or contractual obligation to do so; or
  • With our professional service providers i.e. IT and Data Manager Storage specialists, who fully understand the privacy obligations. Our Data Manager supports our cloud-based data management storage. The Data Manager is Invenias, a UK-based entity, and some of your personal data may be received by them for data and storage management.

Access to Personal Information and Correction

In accordance with the Privacy Legislation you will be entitled to access any of your personal information held by the Company by submitting an email request with the appropriate supporting verification. Access may be denied if it would interfere with another person’s right to privacy or would breach any confidentiality which is attached to that information.

If you believe that the information held by the Company is inaccurate, incomplete or outdated you can contact us and seek correction, and we will take all reasonable steps to update the information. There will be no charge to correct information.

Review of this Policy

This policy may be reviewed and amended from time to time to respond to the changing environment in which the Company operates, including any legislative changes and technological advancements.

Enquiries and Complaints

Please direct any enquiries or complaints to:

Privacy Officer at