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Finding leaders with the right mix of capability, adaptability and diversity of thought to drive the new world of work.

Finding people with the right mix of leadership talents is only part of the future leadership challenge. We must also seek out people who will adapt to unforeseen change, balance innovation with risk, bring diverse thinking to the table and navigate transformation with a clear action plan. All this, while demonstrating personal values that align with your organisational culture and goals. We take pride in solving this challenge person-by-person and role-by-role, blending data with the insight of nearly two decades in the Executive Search business.

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Search, through a different lens.

At Fisher Leadership we have built an Executive Search practice over two decades. Our impact on the industry has manifested in three ways: increased diversity on short-lists resulting in appointments; heightened cross-sector skills transitioning between public, corporate and NFP sectors; and deepened awareness of candidate-centred care.

We thrive on the unique challenge of connecting people to impact. By understanding the obstacles of a role on a micro level, we are able to build a robust macro solution. We train our people to listen beyond the problem and solve beyond the obvious. Our Executive Search code of practice is rigorously ethical. With fingers on the pulse, we approach and connect you with exceptional senior executives and academic leaders from a diverse global talent pool - from those not yet actively looking for a new position, to those who are, confidentially, ready for their next move. When appropriate, we advertise the position to ensure transparency and broad exposure using market leading technology and communications expertise to ensure the positive positioning for your brand.

We reframe leadership for the future by layering experience, technical skills, adaptive capacity and interpersonal capability. Each of our sectoral experts is adept at capturing insights into the client need and pulling from our extensive database to identify ideal candidates from matching and adjacent sectors. Open minded search results often turn out superstar candidates, particularly when increasing cultural diversity and fresh organisational perspectives are essential for success.

Fisher Leadership Success Model

The Fisher Leadership Search and Appointment process is tailored to address your specific role requirements, purpose, values alignment and aspirations for your leadership of the future. The five phases are depicted below:
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    DEFINE Positioning for success

    Together, we help refine role definitions to position the organisation and appeal to today’s executive talent. Timing, targeting and outcomes are integrated into the overall search strategy.

  • 2
    RESEARCH Sourcing beyond known talent pools

    We undertake our extensive research leveraging broad, deep and diverse networks of high calibre, candidates from across the globe. Our trusted global partnerships deliver reach beyond known talent.

  • 3
    ATTRACT Leveraging values alignment

    We secure interest by presenting the opportunity to prospects in line with their values, life-stage and goals, integrating a communications strategy across platforms and processing all applications.

  • 4
    ASSESS Future success capability

    We apply an evidence-based assessment of leadership strengths, overlaid with best-practice interview techniques to assess capabilities, technical skills, experience and development potential, submitting a shortlist for selection.

  • 5
    SELECT Facilitate meaningful engagement

    We are committed to positive candidate experiences and prepare selection panel members and HR liaison teams to override unconscious bias and ensure an appreciative enquiry approach to interviews and meetings.

Additional Services

Advertised Recruitment

When pro-active executive search is not required, attract a nation-wide or global pool of prospective leaders through smart social network and media advertising, supported by intelligent, experienced assessment. Rely on us for end-to-end management of an advertisement based selection process to ensure considerate and timely applicant feedback. Enhance your reputation as a socially positive organisation that values cultural diversity through positive applicant engagement with our expert recruitment team.

Volume Recruitment

Find and attract a number of executives, managers or team leaders through one recruitment process to successfully realise multiple appointments. You can rely on Fisher Leadership to manage approaches, responses, logistics and candidate care, all underpinned by the detailed documentation required to support your selection process.

Again my deep appreciation for the work of you and your team. It’s been a relatively seamless and pleasurable process – I truly appreciate the quality of the process - here’s to an exciting opportunity!

Lyn Morgain

CEO Oxfam Australia

Fisher Leadership's responsiveness to the client’s requirements, market engagement and hard work led to the securing of an outstanding candidate who accepted a lead role with the organisation. The result is a testament to Fisher Leadership's commitment to achieving the best recruitment outcome for its clients

Jeff Rigby

Managing Director Coliban Water

After an extensive process we chose Fisher Leadership because of their track record. Everyone we spoke to were delighted with both the process and the outcome when working with Fisher Leadership. We are nearing the end of our recruitment and have been most impressed with all aspects of the process, in particular the communication and flexibility. They have put together an outstanding candidate list.

Michael Bennett

Chair launceston church grammAr school

Fisher Leadership consulted widely with all school stakeholders from the Board, the leadership team of staff, the Foundation, the Parents Association and our students. Fisher Leadership conducted a full search throughout all of the leading Catholic Girls’ Schools in Australia and New Zealand and we were very pleased with the final longlist of candidates. We are delighted to have found an outstanding candidate who will take up her appointment as our new Principal. The recruitment process was rigorous and thorough and we were very happy with the attention to detail and care shown by the whole team at Fisher Leadership.

Joan Fitzpatrick

Chair Sacré Coeur School

I am absolutely delighted and honored! As you know, for me it is a just dream role in an amazing country. Reflecting back to February this year when we first spoke, for many reasons it seemed impossible that I would get to this point. I feel very privileged and will always be grateful to your team for tracking me down, encouraging me to apply and supporting me through the process. Thank you!


Secretary to the Treasury

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