Find leaders with the right mix of experience, capabilities, values and aspirations to drive the future success of socially positive organisations.

Finding people with the right mix of leadership talents is only part of the future leadership challenge. You also need to find talented leaders whose personal values and aspirations align with your organisational culture and goals. Fisher Leadership offers a unique and proven approach to meeting this two-part challenge.

We begin each search by becoming deeply informed about organisations’ core purpose, cultural values and social aspirations. We drive the search process through established talent networks that are diverse, global and aligned with positive purpose values. We identify, assess and select candidates in ways that reflect the essential importance of positive leadership skills and values alignment. And we help to ensure that the initial process of new team engagement is positive for everyone involved.

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Fisher Leadership's responsiveness to the client’s requirements, market engagement and hard work led to the securing of an outstanding candidate who accepted a lead role with the organisation. The result is a testament to Fisher Leadership's commitment to achieving the best recruitment outcome for its clients

Jeff Rigby

Managing Director Coliban Water

Fisher Leadership consulted widely with all school stakeholders from the Board, the leadership team of staff, the Foundation, the Parents Association and our students. Fisher Leadership conducted a full search throughout all of the leading Catholic Girls’ Schools in Australia and New Zealand and we were very pleased with the final longlist of candidates. We are delighted to have found an outstanding candidate who will take up her appointment as our new Principal. The recruitment process was rigorous and thorough and we were very happy with the attention to detail and care shown by the whole team at Fisher Leadership.

Joan Fitzpatrick

Chair Sacré Coeur School

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Fisher Leadership's values reflect our aim to support the success of organisations and leaders who aspire to make a positive impact in the world.

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