Flex to meet ever-changing priorities and challenges with leadership structures and resources that reward and enable agile team outcomes.

Constant change is a future reality, which makes flexibility a key to future success. The traditional distinction between permanent, interim and project leadership is increasingly blurred and may sometimes even be potentially distracting.
Fisher Leadership helps you to look beyond these traditional employment concepts to recognise the value of in-build flexibility, agility and resilience in leadership team structures. We encourage clients to rethink leadership roles and responsibilities in ways that shift towards purpose driven outcome delivery and away from functional specialisation. Integrating our interim and contract search functions more closely with the permanent search and selection within specialist sector practices enables a more flexible, future orientated approach to delivering outcome-orientated leadership solutions.

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With deep industry sector insights, Jo Fisher’s Flex Executive service has become a trusted advisor to identify, propose and implement a range of appropriate candidate sourcing options to support my organisational transformation program.

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