Gig Executive

Our Gig Executive team connects you with an alternative workforce, highly qualified and ready to slot seamlessly into your leadership team.

Constant change is a future reality, which makes flexibility a key to future success. Our professional Gig Executive community comprises high calibre leaders with functional expertise and relevant sector experience. Accelerate your competitive advantage with immediate access to external best-practice, as well as hands-on, outcome-focused problem solvers who address tomorrow's challenges, today.

When to call on a Gig Executive?

  • Fast track a critical project

  • Implement organisational restructure with an expert

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    Bring the right skills to the table immediately

  • Bring an influential healthcare strategy advisor in for COVID-19

Who is missing from your leadership table?

We have Gig Executives ready to hit the ground running and fit seamlessly into your team for however long you need them. The following are the high demand profiles currently able to support your needs.
  • Crisis and Risk Manager Profile

    · Critical thinker and a keen eye for recognising emerging trends · Delivers innovative solutions to complex problems · Engages, negotiates and influences, including in times of discord · Resilient & effective leader in times of crisis

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  • Marketing and Comms Strategist Profile

    · Crisis and reputation management · Strategies to position and profile organisations · Stakeholder management and community engagement · Marketing campaign development

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  • Influential Healthcare Advisor Profile

    · Providing strategic health advice · Provision of health care and health preparedness · Senior medical administration and management · Maximising health and wellbeing outcomes

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  • Strategic Facilitator, Organisation Review and Workforce Solutions

    · Delivering solutions to workforce challenges · Workforce behaviour change and workforce transition · Communication design and strategy · Change strategy and development

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Trust in the Fisher Leadership Gig Executive ecosystem.

As part of the Fisher Leadership team, we have the business intelligence, networks, relationships, and sectoral knowledge to access high calibre candidates with immediacy. Our combined decades of experience sourcing and connecting leaders to high impact roles, enables us to match profiles to situational complexity with intuition and ease.

Our Gig Executive business has grown organically over the last 10 years as a result of listening and responding to the organisations we serve. What began as a tactical solution, helping HR leaders backfill positions, has quickly gathered momentum as a strategic future facing approach to managing rapid change in the workforce.

Our history of candidate centric care has attracted a loyal executive following. We call our real-time leadership and talent pipeline our Executive Ecosystem. Supported with learning opportunities, constant engagement and thought-leadership, our high-performing Gig Executives are passionate about contributing to the future of work.

Gig Executives offer a flexible solution to augment your existing talent in the instance of skills or supply shortage. On call to smooth leadership transitions, cover extended leave, sit in for a secondment or bring new skills to a business critical project, our community of fully accredited, market-ready Gig Executives are able to hit the ground running.

How does it all fit together?

  • Listening beyond the immediate challenge

    The Gig Executive team takes a dedicated approach to each assignment, with an associate on call to work with you to build an immediate solution.

  • An experienced research team enables quick turn around

    Your Gig Executive advisor is supported by our experienced research and administration team. With deep relationships into diverse executive talent pools, we are able to find the right person within days, not weeks.

  • Direct approaches to sought-after executives

    Upon acceptance of our proposal, direct approaches are made to potential candidates whereby their suitability and fit for your organisation is assessed.

  • Meet your Gig Executive

    The team will arrange preferred candidate and client interviews. These can be held at Fisher Leadership offices should discretion be required.

  • Selection and background checks

    Once a final preferred candidate is selected, formal and informal backgrounding referencing is undertaken.

  • Smooth and sound transitions

    The Gig Executive team is on hand to assist in contract negotiation, payroll and onboarding as required. As part of each engagement we remain in active contact with the client and Gig Executive to support performance.

Benefits of Gig Executive talent

Immediate solution: Gig Executives can be in place within days as opposed to weeks or months; essential for rapid change environments. Gig Executives are selected due to their experience, expertise and adaptability, geared to complete assignments effectively with due speed.

ROI: Gig executives are paid on the understanding of goals and objectives being performed and delivered. Applying this kind of executive solution is typically significantly less expensive than management consultants, with the added value that the Gig Executive not only advises but also implements.

Expertise: Gig Executives typically operate at mid, senior and executive levels in the client organisation. Often they are sensibly over-qualified for the roles enabling them to accelerate impact from the outset.

Objectivity: Adept at working on the business as well as in the business, Gig Executives are detached from company politics or culture, enabling a fresh perspective and increased focus on what’s best for business. Being independent operators, they are able to contribute honestly without constituting a threat to the leadership team.

Commitment: Gig Executives maintain high professional standards because their future work relies upon referrals and a successful track record. They therefore have a stake in the success of the assignments undertaken.

Accountability: Rather than taking on an advisory role only, Gig Executives are held accountable for results and are instrumental in the successful delivery of an assignment.

Placing Gig Executives in the limelight

Our Gig Executive business delivers sector experienced, credentialed and immediately available leaders to your team. This flexible workforce is proving highly valuable to organisations requiring alternative support and capability during this uncertain time. One of our Gig Executives, Clair Schultz, on assignment at the Department of Water, Environment, Land and Planning talks about her experience in this video interview with Manager Client Development, Paula McCabe.

Gig Executive Case Study

Our client delivered a strategic briefing ahead of leadership change. A seasoned Gig Executive was needed to transition into the CEO role and undertake a diagnostic within the organisation. Due to unfortunate circumstances, communication between the existing CEO and a passionate, voluntary board had broken down. The board sought to reinstate an environment of transparency and trust by engaging an interim executive CEO to deep dive into the operational side of the business. A short-term ally would actualise the board’s desire to hand over a healthier organisation with clear responsibilities and expectations from both sides moving forward.

The Gig Executive search screened our extensive ecosystem and quickly produced a short list of candidates with proven success in CEO and board roles. The candidates needed to be able to act as a trusted conduit between a cautious board and an unsettled leadership team. Past experience in transformation and elevated stakeholder management – up and down - were prioritised. Additionally, we sought an executive with a commitment to a portfolio career, who would be non-threatening and able to support the progression to the next CEO without ego or agenda. Candidates were also vetted based on their ability to influence and inspire confidence, and to gain instant credibility throughout the team by showing leadership in knowledge sharing and capacity building.

“He is fantastic, perfect for what we needed and has re-energised the board to feel that we can achieve more... Thank you for helping us find our interim CEO.”

“Thank you again for the wonderful service you have provided. Your insights knowledge and positive outlook have made such a difference to our experience.”

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With deep industry sector insights, Fisher Leadership's interim executive service has become a trusted advisor to identify, propose and implement a range of appropriate candidate sourcing options to support my organisational transformation program.

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