Strategic Advisory

We navigate talented people through organisations, to ensure they have the greatest positive impact. We call this 'right time, right table, right talent.'

Building a purpose driven organisation for the future from a functionally driven organisation of the past is critical for sustained success. We shape, develop and transition individuals, teams and organisations to thrive in the changing world of work. Our experienced organisational strategists, workforce planners, career transition experts and leadership coaches take the time to understand business challenges and co-design organisations to ensure people feel at home in the new world of work.

Supporting organisations through COVID-19


    Executive mental health programs supporting high performance leaders and teams operating under pressure.

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    Skills review and workforce planning to redeploy team members as needs shift across the business

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    Emerging conditions workshop mapping global conditions to take into account in a pandemic response.

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    COVID-19 risk and opportunity assessment provides a strategic lens for immediate tactical action.

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The CogNative Advisory difference

Curating the right mix of diverse leaders around the decision-making tables of the future is critical. Diversity generates better debate, better risk management, better strategy and better outcomes. Over 20 years, we have significantly impacted gender and cultural diversity at senior levels. Our responsibility now lies in arming leadership teams with cognitive diversity, or diversity of thought.

Our strategic advisory programs are designed to unlock future skills and new ways of thinking to ensure relevance for organisations, teams and individual leaders. We partner on organisational strategy and culture, leadership development, skills mapping, workforce planning and more.

Rely on us to help you disrupt by design.

Breathing Space

Creating the space for leaders to learn to balance high pressure and high performance.

Influence mental health awareness, behaviour change and leadership to integrate mental health into your organisational strategy

Breathing Space Executive Wellbeing

A mental health and wellbeing program enabling leaders operating under pressure to live well, work well and lead well. High performing executives face a particular set of challenges in their lives. With greater complexity, more rapid change and high-stakes decision-making on the increase, mental health and wellbeing for leaders is a business imperative.

Impacts of the Breathing Space mental health program:

See the change...

> Increased awareness
> Behavioural change
> Enabled leadership

Optimise performance...

> Improved decision making
> Increased productivity
> Mitigated risk i.e. WHS cost

Support your people...

> Culture of wellbeing
> Employee engagement
> Reduced turnover

    A program supporting high performance leaders and teams operating under pressure to live, work and lead well.

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    A proactive approach to the mental health and wellbeing of leaders imperative right now. On-call or scheduled, this program provides a personal care plan, confidential debriefing and wellbeing reflections sessions.

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    Our specialised facilitators offer crisis debriefs and decision-making. Access on-call or scheduled support from a specialist facilitator allowing the crisis response team to focus on the issues and organisational needs.

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    These sessions can be on-call or scheduled as needed to access critical debriefing support. These sessions enable decision makers to maintain good mental health and perspectives through challenging times.

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Board Acceleration

We partner with boards and executive teams to prepare for the future world of work. We tailor our diverse range of board and executive services to the specific needs of our client organisations.
  • Board Evaluations

    We evaluate performance, gain clarity on goals and strategy, ensure appropriate skills mix and set teams up to achieve high performance for now and the future. Our services are tailored to address the specific needs of our client organisations.

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  • Board Skills Matrix

    Based on our research of the future world of work, we map the skills and capabilities of your team. We provide the roadmap and the opportunities for a cognitively diverse set of strategic decision-making skills at the leadership table.

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  • Board Discussion Modules

    We understand the imperative for ethical and transparent decision making at the Board table. With proven track records in business leadership and governance our Board Facilitators identify and build business critical knowledge and skills for the changing world of work.

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Facilitation & Leadership

We co-design and shape the right mix of board and executive skills, structures and values to unlock extraordinary leadership capability. Our leadership strategists assess organisational goals against leadership team skills, structures and dynamics to ensure leadership development efforts set your business on a successful trajectory.
  • Offsite Leadership Labs

    Our leadership labs are easily adapted for any type of Executive Offsite and can be executed as part of a broader team building session or for individual specialist groups. Our labs help leaders bring insight, courage and clear communication to strategy planning processes.

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  • Strategy Creation

    We know strategy creation for the future demands leaders bring insight, courage and clarity to the table. Our Leadership Strategists provide executive teams with future-facing indicators that sharpen an organisation’s purpose, protect competitive advantage and leverage the right skills and mindsets. place.

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  • Leadership Programs

    Our experienced leadership strategists know the leadership capabilities crucial for the new world of work. We design learning frameworks and individualised learning plans suited to individual leaders and teams, that unlock cognitive diversity, clarify contribution and accelerate collective performance.

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  • Team Refresh

    The CogNative advisors adopt a range of evidence based psychometric tools, overlaid with deep team development experience to assess the makeup of leadership groups. Our Team Refresh programs highlight risks and emphasise areas for development at fast pace. Ensuring the right minds and skills are at the table.

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Organisational Design

Successful organisations require the right mix of leadership talent, motivation and experiences. Our org design programs map leadership qualities to predict development that will engage and produce outcomes. Allow us to assess, facilitate and actualise leadership potential within your organisation.
  • Future Skills

    Automation, augmentation and addition are forcing business to adapt or be left behind. Are you ready? We help leaders to take advantage of automation to drive productivity and economic growth by lifting and adapting the skill and knowledge of their teams.

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  • Workforce Planning

    We partner with organisations to deliver a clear design structure for managing the future. Our step-by-step methodology identifies issues in workflow, procedures, structures and systems. We realign to current business goals and develop an implementation plan with the team.

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  • Talent Development

    Our approach to developing talent is rigorous, structured and comprehensive. We assess internal talent for performance against their current role. We map talent to future work opportunities in the context of organisational strategy and planning. Mapping is activated alongside a feedback review schedule.

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  • Succession Planning

    We believe that individual, team and organisational talent cannot be viewed in isolation and instead is better optimised via a ‘mixtocracy lens’ for the future. Fisher Leadership consultants are trained to read the overall ‘mix’ of clusters of talent to enable better decision-making for a rapidly changing world.

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Culture & Engagement

Conducting a people and culture review is a critical dial for success. We understand no two organisations have the same needs. Our experienced culture and engagement strategists partner with organisations to measure, evaluate and understand what drives your employee engagement. We then co-design programs to ensure employee experience, culture, brand and strategy are aligned.
  • Job Crafting

    The science and practice of job crafting enables people to customise and shape work around individual talents, strengths and passions. Our experience demonstrates that individualised job crafting delivers positive individual and organisational outcomes including increased engagement, wellbeing and performance.

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  • Surveys

    In today’s data driven world, decisions should be based on diagnostic, deep dive and pulse surveys for strategic planning. Our approach provides insights to optimise the new world of work, enabling collaboration and the co-design of unique survey tools that connect research methodology with practical delivery.

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  • Change Management

    With technology fuelling automation, augmentation and addition we see rapid workforce transformation. Our workforce strategists identify the workflows, procedures, structures and systems requiring realignment. In partnership with organisations we deliver relevant change management strategy and implementation processes.

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  • Value & Success Maps

    Many organisations must to align, accelerate and transition members of their leadership teams. Our Values & Success Mapping programs are designed to take leaders to the next level. Whether a role is absorbing greater accountability or needing a pathway to a more senior position, this program aligns engagement with outcomes.

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Strategic Advisory Case Study

A new CEO is engaged to take the helm of a large online retail organisation. After a rocky period for the business, the CEO is required to change the culture of the business and make it profitable. His first step was to assess the capability and values of his executive team with a view to creating the right team for the job ahead.

The new CEO called on a Senior CogNative Advisor to guide him through the process of building the right leadership team and to design and facilitate his first executive offsite where he would establish himself as the new leader and communicate his vision and values to the team.

This was successfully delivered and led to a coaching program being designed for the General Manager of HR to lead the culture change required across the business. As part of this strategy, the specialist curated and implemented discussion groups for all employees across the company to communicate the new business vision and to gauge employee engagement levels.

Along with dedicated coaching and guidance, the leadership assessment, selection strategy and skills mapping provided by our senior CogNative Advisor enabled the CEO to confidently enact organisational change. The skilled facilitation of a ‘values reset’ at the executive level coupled with the discussion group program provided the entire team with the confidence and commitment required for a change in direction. The data collected throughout the project provided the business with the insights required to develop an innovative culture and engagement strategy that supported unprecedented business growth.

Gabe was the circuit breaker we needed to resolve old issues and move forward as a team and an organisation.

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