Leadership Transition

Placing leadership at the heart of rapid transformation.

By understanding the flow of people, skills, mindsets and capabilities in a rapidly changing landscape, we help position individuals to achieve their greatest success, in work and life, and everything in-between. Our experienced strategists interpret the discourse surrounding the ‘Future of Work’ in a way that allows executives to anticipate the challenges, embrace the behaviours and design strategies resilient to rapid change. By working from the inside out, we enable leaders to connect purpose to strategy.

Supporting Individuals through COVID-19

  • Outplacement

    In times of unprecedented change, helping organisations and individuals navigate what next looks like. Contact trobinson@fisherleadership.com

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  • Crisis Coaching and Support

    Crisis coaching for individuals and teams; leading through immediate risks and emerging opportunities. Contact trobinson@fisherleadership.com

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  • Online Interviewing

    Designed for leaders in need of support and guidance to navigate the new normal of Online Interviewing. Contact trobinson@fisherleadership.com

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  • Remote Team Onboarding

    Designed for the successful onboarding of new leaders during the COVID-19 changes. Contact trobinson@fisherleadership.com

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Be your difference. Own your journey.

Times of change can catapult us into being more true to ourselves. In a world where routine is becoming obsolete, BAU is high risk and life-long learning is key to success, getting comfortable being uncomfortable is the new pre-requisite of leadership.

Your greatest asset? Yourself. Agency within change allows opportunity within disruption. Invest in our high calibre individual coaching and transition programs. Fisher Leadership strives to unleash the potential of leaders embracing new ways of working. Whether that be achieving an optimal balance of next-phase learning or re skilling, cultivating a more adaptive mindset or strategically transitioning a career. Whether moving into board roles, or wanting to develop a portfolio career, we are changing the way people work, by understanding the why people work.

Change takes courage – we can help.

Whether you need to move on because of a restructure or feel it’s time to set your focus on the next career goals, the transitional process is always challenging. Developing the right strategy to achieve the next step in your career requires pragmatic advice and objective guidance. Rely on our transition team to help you work through and assess your choices and options before making a career change. We will listen, understand your needs and support you to develop a flexible, cost-effective approach that works. Below is a dynamic range of programs currently on offer.

Transition & Change

Our team of experienced coaches, counsellors and strategists are former executives and industry sector specialists with a personal interest in helping leaders navigate the new world of work. The longevity of leadership relies on embracing change. However the sustainability of leadership relies on mental resilience to withstand constant shifts in market conditions. Our programs reframe leadership for the future.
  • Career Transition

    Designed for senior leaders ready to navigate the next stage of work and life, our highly personalised program takes leaders through an internal exploration of emotional and behavioural patterns and explores connection to purpose. The ‘data’ gathered through this process supercharges career choices and commitment.

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  • Strategic Career Change

    Are you an executive wanting to re-skill or evolve your leadership journey? The longevity of leadership relies on embracing change. This program facilitates a proactive, data-driven career transition plan designed to consolidate your ability to impact as a leader in the new economy.

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  • Becoming a Gig Executive

    Designed for individuals who have a fluid career mindset and are open to portfolio opportunities, this program enables leaders to navigate the gig economy at executive level, supported by wellbeing, skills transfer, motivational and mindset strategies. Define your advantage and marketability in this competitive landscape.

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  • Wellness

    As former executives and industry specialists we’ve walked in the shoes of our clients. Human-centric wellness plans are designed by our specialist leadership Counsellors to provide a safe space for leaders to ‘drop the game face’ when they need to reflect and take stock of difficult life and career decisions.

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We believe change is inevitable, but growth is optional. In growing your leaders, transitioning your people and empowering your future workforce, our CogNative advisors first understand the ‘why’ in order to understand the ‘way’. Our coaching programs remove corporate language and deconstruct power dynamics to tap into the ‘leader within the leader’ and connect purpose to strategy.
  • Adaptive Leadership

    Disruption presents the choice between opportunity and obsolescence. We coach leaders to deal with consequential changes and ambiguous options, when no clear answers are forthcoming. Learn to anticipate and position ahead of change, with clear strategy and purpose.

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  • Positive Impact

    Are you a leader who believes in the triple bottom line? Positive Impact Coaching draws on purposeful leadership to embed shared values throughout organisational structures, alliances and supply chains. This program is designed to inspire and support leaders to align teams for impactful positive change.

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  • Overcoming Unconscious Bias

    Designed to optimise decision making under pressure, this program reduces risk and increases potential outcomes. The ability to think inclusively is paramount. Overcoming unconscious bias to capitalise on multiple reference points unlocks your value as an individual, leader and decision-maker.

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  • Dynamic Teams

    Align your senior leadership team on shared goals and collective purpose. Our tailored team coaching solution blends group meetings, individual or pod mentoring, leadership growth and learning sessions. Challenge the current performance of a team, amplify success, and improve teamwork.

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Leadership Development

We believe that individual, team and organisational talent cannot be viewed in isolation and instead is better optimised via a ‘mixtocracy lens.’ Fisher Leadership consultants are trained to read the overall ‘mix’ of clusters of talent to enable better decision-making and avoid groupthink. Our approach to developing talent is rigorous, structured and comprehensive. We assess internal talent for performance against their current role. We then map talent to future work opportunities in the context of organisational strategy and planning.
  • Goal Setting

    We believe that Goal Setting for future ready leaders requires a constant lens on shifting commercial, political and social contexts. Our experienced business consultants help leaders define vision, establish benchmarks and achieve successful outcomes and stay ahead of the game.

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  • Performance Reviews

    Often associated with an organsiation’s achievements or downfalls, our framework embeds a more holistic view of performance. We help Boards and CEOs measure an executive’s ability to gauge commercial, political and social landscapes, establish strategic direction, build a cognitively diverse team and lead holistically.

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  • Personal Branding

    Today, our personal brand is our public scorecard. Impact extends beyond traditional boundaries, requiring strategic presence across social platforms, on stage and in the media. Learn how to position yourself, build visibility, communicate effectively, optimise online networking and make your LinkedIn profile POP!

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  • Onboarding - Integration - Performance

    At times of leadership change in organisations, alignment of individual and company values is critical. Our bespoke team onboarding programs are developed based on a deep understanding of an organisation’s unique culture and purpose. We help you positively reflect your brand and engage newcomers in your vision.

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Engage expert practitioners and evidence based processes to assess individual skills, leadership team dynamics and cultural alignment around core values. Review management functions or executive teams to benchmark and assess their leadership capabilities and ensure their commitment to organisational purpose. Apply evidence-based assessments supported by expert, objective advice from organisational psychologists, scientist-practitioners and leadership specialists.
  • Behavioural

    There’s no doubt that workplaces are complex environments. In building an engaged and productive workplace where ideas are constructively challenged and collaboration produces outcomes, a behavioural assessment can provide context and rigour for change.

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  • Development

    Effective leadership requires self-awareness – the accurate recognition of one’s leadership skills and developmental gaps. Leadership development assessment tools highlight these gaps, enabling leaders to identify their strengths and to build on these for accelerated performance and unique leadership impact.

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  • 360 Feedback

    360 degree feedback allows individuals to understand how their effectiveness as an employee or coworker is interpreted by others. Largely based on visible and inherent behaviors, the feedback provides insight into the skills and behavioral alignment between organisation and individual, as well as clear development requirements.

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  • Team

    Successful teams understand the benefits of cognitive diversity, utilising a variety of skills and perspectives enabled by diversity of thought. Team assessments provide the ability to build better relationships and understanding between colleagues and team members — helping them see how to best work together and become more productive.

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Leadership Transition Case Study

Following the design of a unique people strategy for a large association merging state chapters into one organisation, the HR Executive identified the desire to receive ongoing coaching. Assistance was sought to navigate toxic politics at the Senior Executive level and what amounted to bullying.

The CogNative advisor helped the HR Executive through the process of exiting an untenable position within the organisation in a strategic and professional manner without risking her professional reputation. Following the success of this collaborative strategy, the specialist was then asked initially to provide the client with professional counselling support to enable reflection. The process facilitated recovery from an experience that threatened the client’s confidence and wellbeing.

The specialist was then asked to provide career coaching services, which helped the client find the next Senior HR role.

The deep and trusted relationship formed with the CogNative advisor allowed the client to move from a negative space through a reflective learning phase and into empowerment. The objective interpretation of events, coupled with the empathy of the coach provided space to tackle multiple aspects of the journey, from emotional patterns, to behavioural change, career goals and deeper purpose.

Gabriel and the team genuinely understand the complexities and challenges leaders face in business environments…I didn’t have to waste time explaining context!

Strategy Executive Transport Industry

The highly personalised program met everyone of my needs and then some! Not only did I unearth the job that was right for me, with a focused mentoring session, I was able to nail the interview and secure the job - thanks Fisher Leadership!

Senior Executive Large State Authority

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