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Organisational Transformation

The right organisational culture is required to ensure the successful  implementation of a strategy. This means ensuring that staff feel empowered, able to work in a safe, progressive workplace and have  the capacity to achieve their potential and contribute to the plan in their own way. We bring a deep understanding of the prerequisites from a  cultural point of view that support achieving your strategic goals as opposed to facilitating the implementation of a solution in isolation.

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leadership labs

Offsite Leadership Labs

Our leadership labs are easily adapted for any type of Executive Offsite and can be executed as part of a broader team building session or for individual specialist groups. Our labs help leaders bring insight, courage and clear communication to strategy planning processes.


Strategy Creation

We know strategy creation for the future demands leaders bring insight, courage and clarity to the table. Our Leadership Strategists provide executive teams with future-facing indicators that sharpen an organisation’s purpose, protect competitive advantage and leverage the right skills and mindsets. 

Board Skills

Board Skills Matrix

Based on our research of the future world of work, we map the skills and capabilities of your team. We provide the roadmap and the opportunities for a cognitively diverse set of strategic decision-making skills at the leadership table.


Board Evaluations

We evaluate performance, gain clarity on goals and strategy, ensure appropriate skills mix and set teams up to achieve high performance for now and the future. Our services are tailored to address the specific needs of our client organisations.

Global Partnerships

When we think about leadership, we are thinking global. As the exclusive local partner to the IMD International Search Group – a global top 20 executive search organisation, Fisher Leadership enables clients and candidates to connect across regions, cultures and sectors. We are also a fully credited member of AESC, the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants.

A Connected Community

At Fisher Leadership we believe partnership is the new leadership. We understand the value of strong communities and feel compelled and grateful to contribute proactively to the places where we live and work.

Read our case studies to understand how other organisations have partnered with us recently.

“As part of my career transition coaching, I also had access to the Career Accelerator online platform. This was a great resource that allowed me to work and learn at my own pace and also to reinforce the coaching. The combination of the online tech together with the face to face coaching enabled me to secure a senior role in much less time than I had anticipated.  Having so much information at my fingertips was invaluable and highly beneficial to me.  I would happily recommend the career accelerator platform and the full outplacement program for anyone in transition or looking for that next new career move. Thank you CogNative.”


“Your coaching has literally changed my life, in six months I have made massive changes to my leadership style, which has resulted in a promotion, but more importantly, I am now enjoying my role. I feel calmer, I am embracing my leadership role and my team is more motivated. Who would have thought this was possible? Certainly not me. ”

Damian GattSYMAL

“I can’t thank you enough for your coaching and help. I have managed to get on the short list for two jobs! Yesterday I had to present to our Executive Team and used some of the tips and tricks you mentioned – and aced it!
I have spoken to so many people about how valuable your help and support were to me in getting my confidence and person back!”


“Recently, after my role was made redundant, I was fortunate enough to be given outplacement support to help me get back on my feet and able to find a new role. June’s professionalism, knowledge and confidence helped me move forward in the same spirit. Not only was it great working with June, within 5 weeks of finding out my role was made redundant, I started a great new job.”


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With decades of experience partnering with leaders at the coal-face of change, we understand the support needed for individuals, teams and organisations to thrive in the evolving world of work. From wellbeing and mental fitness programs, to coaching, leadership and transition services, to organisational design, change management and board advisory, we are here to build a solution to meet your needs.




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