Professor Emily Hilder is Chief of Maritime Division - Fisher Leadership

Professor Emily Hilder is Chief of Maritime Division

Professor Emily Hilder

Fisher Leadership partnered with the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group, Department of Defence in the appointment of experienced and innovative executives to provide leadership and vision to shape the future of scientific research and client programs in their Aerospace and Maritime Divisions.

Professor Emily Hilder has been appointed as Chief of Maritime Division, with responsibility for the leadership of all maritime science and technology capability, with around 300 staff Australia-wide.

Emily is an accomplished, internationally recognised expert in analytical chemistry.  An experienced university leader, she brings expertise in working at the interface of academia and industry to translate research outcomes for societal impact.  Most recently as Director of the Future Industries Institute at the University of South Australia, Emily led a large research institute from its establishment, with around 250 staff and students.  An Honorary Professor in Chemical Engineering at University College London, Emily is the former Director of the ARC Training Centre for Portable Analytical Separation Technologies, following earlier leadership roles at the University of Tasmania.

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