Sanjeev Choudhary has been appointed as Clinical Governance Lead with Beyond Blue - Fisher Leadership

Sanjeev Choudhary has been appointed as Clinical Governance Lead with Beyond Blue

Sanjeev has over 18 years’ experience in the health industry delivering clinical and operational change management, clinical research and strategic planning.

In his previous role as Manager, Continuing Care Service (Mental Health) & Austin Drug and Alcohol Service for Austin Health, Sanjeev held responsibility for the operational management of three teams within the department in accordance with the organisation’s strategy. 

Prior to this Sanjeev was engaged by Eastern Health as their Associate Director (Quality, Planning and Innovation), Child Youth Mental Health Services, State-wide Services (Drug and Alcohol) and Residential Aged Care Services. Working within the senior leadership group, Sanjeev provided expert advice on governance, risk management and change management principals. During his two-year tenure, Sanjeev also provided gap analysis and advice to Program and Executive Directors, reviewed and implemented policies, provided coaching to maintain compliance and legislation and conducted in-depth system reviews to mitigate risks and improve service delivery.

Earlier Sanjeev was employed by the Department of Justice and Regulation, firstly as their Manager Correctional Health Services, for a period of two years and later as Clinical Standards and Review Officer, for three years. In these roles, Sanjeev designed and managed clinical governance systems for multiple teams, acting as primary mental health advisor to the contract and policy team and participated in the implementation of electronic health records.

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