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Community-minded clinical experts

Healthcare leaders require an unusual mix of highly technical, specialist knowledge with advanced understanding of, and respect for community consultation and stakeholder engagement.

They must be able to harness the altruistic vocation that motivates so many in the sector to work towards improving the quality of human life, whether organisational success is defined in terms of profits or social impacts.

I write to thank Liz and Fisher Leadership for your professionalism and the diligent manner you worked with myself and Board in presenting to us an excellent range of candidates. Recruitment of a new Chief Executive Officer is never easy and for us it was at a crucial time for our organisation. At all times we felt comfortable with your professionalism, confidentiality and availability in the manner you and your staff answered our questions and the guidance you provided. We obtained an excellent outcome.

John Maher

Chair Southwest Healthcare


Steve Johnson was a critical success factor in assisting me and the organisation with the enormous challenge we faced in turning the company's fortunes and its poor market perception around at that time. Attracting high calibre talent at that time was important to our success

Terrie Curran

President Inflammation and Immunology, Celgene


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