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Medical Research

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As a catalyst for a healthier population and economy, medical research is at the forefront of innovation, employing the brightest of minds and cutting edge of technologies. With key challenges around the translation and commercialisation of research and the ability to collaborate internationally, leaders in medical research are often so much more than experts in their field, bringing the 'soft skills' to influence, lead and engage a broad range of stakeholders.

Building a successful leadership team in medical research means mapping the up and coming talent and developing pipelines based on engagements at all levels of development. It means tapping into a global talent pool with a clear understanding of the unique, aspirational opportunities that might attract and retain exceptional leaders of the future.

Our breadth of experience

Medical Research clients rely on Fisher Leadership to find and support exceptional leaders across a wide variety of board and senior executive roles.
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Executive Director, Community and Corporate Relations
  • Director
  • Director, Commercialisation and Research Contracts
  • Head of Fundraising and Marketing
  • General Manager, Clinical Services
  • General Manager, Community Relations
  • Program Leader
  • Clinician Scientist

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