Interim Management

Contract the right leaders to deliver short-term direction

Draw from our talented and experienced pool of professional contract executives to lead short term change programs or fill interim leadership positions. Manage change or maintain organisational continuity with professional contract executives and experienced interim management who bring the right skills, values and experience to hit the ground running. Manage unexpected vacancies or functionally driven programs with high calibre talent who specialise in delivering on short to medium terms assignment.

  • Your new CEO won't be able to start for 6 months!

  • Your departmental head is taking long service leave!

  • A director has gone on parental leave!

  • Your CFO has left in the middle of an audit!

Interim Management Future of work

In the past organisations just ‘made do’. They took up the extra workload, procrastinated, or compromised on quality just to fill the position. But that just isn’t good enough in today’s fast-paced, demanding environment. Yes, you can hire consultants to help back-fill tasks. But consultants are by nature outsiders. They can’t commit 100% to your organisation. And over months their cost may be prohibitive. Besides, consultants are usually specialists, and you may need someone with a range of skills and experience that meets your needs now. Someone who can interview on Monday and hit the ground running on Tuesday.

Flex Executives are experienced, highly skilled senior leaders and managers who choose to work on short-term projects to effect change and deliver results for a range of organisations. Fisher Leadership is a market leader in interim management solutions because of our access to quality candidates, our networks, and our intimate knowledge of your sector.

We can source appointees for all your functions, from CEO and executive management, general management, finance, human resources, marketing and communications, operations, legal, organisational development, change management, program and project management .

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