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Find exceptional leaders to drive future team success

Identify the contemporary leaders and outstanding executives whose experience, values and aspirations qualify them to lead teams that are dedicated to making a positive social impact, now and into the future.

From board members to senior executives, clinical and academic leaders, rely on Fisher Leadership to connect you with exceptional candidates from a diverse global talent pool - from those not yet actively looking for a new position, to those who are, confidentially, ready for their next move.

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Talent Pools and Networks – our executive search process draws on a unique pool of exceptional candidates. We consider sector-specific alongside other exceptionally qualified prospects and potential step-up candidates, as agreed. We assess each in terms capabilities, technical competencies, personal strengths and cultural attributes to determine her or his suitability to transition into the newly appointed position.

Diversity –  we are widely recognised for our commitment to helping clients diversify their leadership through wider consideration of gender, ethnicity and disability. Notably we guarantee gender diversity in every shortlist presented.

Global Reach – we operate from offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland with executive search partners in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United States of America and United Kingdom.

International Accreditation – Fisher Leadership is a proud member of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), which sets the professional standards for retained executive search consulting firms worldwide.

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Fisher Leadership Success Model

The Fisher Leadership Search and Appointment Success Model is based on our evidence-based Positive Impact RecruitmentTM Framework. It is tailored to address your specific role requirements, purpose and values alignment, and aspirations for your leadership of the future. The six phases are depicted below:
  • 1
    Define Aspirational leadership opportunity

    Internally research, refine, and reshape role definitions to leverage organisational strengths and points of difference. Agree on a future-focused role specification and positive proposition for promoting your employment brand as part of a tailored search strategy.

  • 2
    Attract Positive leadership potential

    Tap into our broad, deep and diverse networks of high calibre, local and global candidates and contacts. Leverage our trusted relationships, up-to-the-minute databases, and advanced digital search and advertising techniques. Secure genuine candidate interest and motivation by positively presenting your opportunity to internal and external prospects in ways that encourage and support win-win outcomes.

  • 3
    Assess Future success capability

    Apply evidence-based assessments of leadership values, integrity and strengths, and use contemporary interview techniques to assess capabilities, technical skills, experience and potential for the future. Submit shortlist recommendation for selection.

  • 4
    Select Facilitate positive engagements

    Facilitate positive candidate experiences by preparing selection panel members and HR liaison teams to manage candidate exchanges in ways that eliminate unconscious bias and ensure an appreciative enquiry approach to interviews and meetings to create a lasting, positive impression, whether or not candidates are appointed to the role.

  • 5
    Integrate Enable team cohesion

    Welcome your new appointee and ensure mutual success through a best practice integration program that complements your own internal induction process to help them navigate internal networks and gain insights into team dynamics. Support your new appointee through internal sponsorship and external leadership coaching / mentoring if required.

  • 6
    Develop Build positive leadership skills

    Develop agreed key performance indicators and measures. Invest in professional development programs and calibrate progress with your appointee and their direct supervisor. Support review and development of the leadership team through 360 degree appraisal and assessment, and ongoing contemporary practices in leadership development.

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