Executive Transition

Make a positive move forward in your leadership career

Get effective support from Executive Mentors and Coaches to make a positive move into your future as a leader. Get the pragmatic, flexible and cost-effective support needed to transition into a new role. Assess your choices, define your options and pursue your future career aspirations with the support of qualified Executive Mentors and Coaches.

To be your best and realise potential requires preparation and strategy. Fisher Leadership applies market-leading expertise and pragmatic strategies tailored to individuals, groups and organisations. Through individual coaching and mentoring programs we help our clients work through and assess their choices, options and make their career change. We listen, understand your needs and develop a flexible, cost-effective approach that works.

  • Stand Apart

    Realistically assess your options and execute a strategic career move

  • Know the Part

    Realise your potential and receive your individual advice to help you position yourself in the market

  • Be the Part

    Rehearse for a real interview opportunity to maximise your chances of success with a customised, one-on-one preparation program

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