Leadership Assessment

Assess positive leadership skills and cultural alignment

Use expert practitioners and evidence based processes to assess individual skills, leadership team dynamics and cultural alignment around core values.

Review management functions or executive teams to benchmark and assess their leadership capabilities and ensure their commitment to organisational purpose. Apply evidence-based assessments supported by expert, objective advice from organisational psychologists, scientist-practitioners and leadership specialists.

Fisher Leadership has partnered with the Centre for Leadership Advantage (CLA) to develop a range of evidence-based psychological products and services to deliver flexible and innovative assessment solutions for organisations and leaders. The CLA team of organisational psychologists, scientist-practitioners and leadership specialists draws on a library of psychometric assessments and profiling tools, including 50+ globally validated products to assess personality, leadership (enablers, derailers), resilience, emotional intelligence, motivation, values, behavioural preferences and more. Tools include the Hogan series, Talent Q, OPQ, Saville Wave and the Global Personality Inventory (GPI).

In addition to these empirically developed psychometric tools, CLA has deep experience in the design and delivery of Assessment and Insight Centres that draw on a full range of psychometric, case study and simulation-based assessment methodologies.When required these more comprehensive assessment options provide clients with much deeper insight into a candidate’s suitability to undertake a senior leadership or executive role than psychometric testing alone.

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