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The Great Thing About Gig Executives!

What was traditionally called 'interim' and understood as 'gap-filling' is now a competitive solution bringing critical skills to the table at pace. Organisations want to be able to bring in people who have proven experience of a business challenge they are addressing. For example, an organisation might want to expand into a different market and bringing in someone who has done this before, maybe several times for other organisations, allows them to buy in the experience. The pace of business is ever increasing, and new ideas and innovation need to be bought to market with speed and precision.

Gig Executive: Hybrid Happily Ever After

From pandemic management response to a preferred work arrangement, remote and hybrid work is here to stay. It’s time to evolve our thinking beyond ‘temporary arrangement’ and think about how we successfully and sustainably make this our workplace ‘modus operandi’. Adam Kyriacou interviews Greg Bott, who shares his experience and insights on why the future of work is hybrid and how best to lead the way in agility, flexibility and resilience.

Gig Executive: The Ultimate Hybrid Talent Model 

Somewhere between the Great Resignation or the Great Realignment, the hybrid workforce is gathering momentum. The way people want to work is changing, and the way organisations need to engage talent has reached an inflection point. It’s time to think more flexibly about flexible work, because it’s here to stay. Read Adam Kyriacou's latest thought leadership piece on 'Four Top Tips Why Gig Executives are the Ultimate Hybrid Talent Model'.

Announcing Adam Kyriacou as our new Partner, heading up Gig Executive

Adam Kyriacou has joined Fisher Leadership as Partner for the firm’s Interim Management business, Gig Executive. A specialist in Interim Management, Adam has held numerous executive leadership roles in the UK and Australia and partnered with a range of high calibre clients for over 20 years. Adam has found his niche helping clients find people … Continued

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