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Indigenous Art, Community Health and Victorian Wellbeing – Me and Uoo Uoo


It might seem difficult to believe after the year we’ve had, but rumour has it Melbourne’s streets are set to come to life in February 2021 with a unique, outdoor art event. In support of The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation’s 150th anniversary, Fisher Leadership is sponsoring the work of Indigenous artist Greg Matthews who, with 99 other artists will decorate the beautiful Uoo Uoo sculptures forming next year’s Royal Children’s Hospital Art Trail. This is an important and personal opportunity for Greg, who saw the project as a way to ‘give back’ to the hospital.

“This was an opportunity for me to give back to the Royal Children’s Hospital, as one of my grandchildren had spent a considerable amount of time in the RCH Butterfly Ward in 2012/2013, and with mum later being featured in the 2013 Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal.”

Greg’s design for the sculpture is called ‘Wombat Dreaming’. The work derives from childhood visits to Greg’s grandmothers. His adventures following the wombat and animal trails into the nearby state forest, bring back the lessons his grandfather had taught him, including local knowledge of the edible bush fruits and berries that had sustained him on his mini adventures into the forest. The lines, shapes and patterns created on Greg’s painting represent the animal tracks, the creeks, trees and vegetation, and are a reminder of his wonderful childhood adventures so long ago.

Greg is joining the dots, painting an invisible past into a visible future.

Greg only realised and understood his Indigenous heritage later in life. He speaks about ‘allyship’ and the fear people feel of what can be said and what will offend. But Greg firmly believes that all learning starts with an open conversation. “My painting stories are from my own life experiences and from my own research.”

Fisher Leadership is so proud to play a small role in elevating representation of Indigenous leaders in community.

All money raised from the UooUoos, each one being sponsored by a business, will go towards the Royal Children’s Hospital. To find out more about the wonderful work of Greg Matthews, please head to his social pages:

To learn more about the Royal Children’s Hospital Art Trail please visit:

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