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Corporate and commercial leaders have long been ahead of the trend in focusing on their key assets – their people. Leading industry today means empowering teams to embrace innovation, balancing agility with risk to master decisive direction and moving to ensure every product, service, touchpoint and relationship is geared toward the personalisation of the future.

A solid grasp of performance measurement tools, governance and risk mitigation, and an innovative approach to problem solving enable a leader to make tough choices. Diversity of thought will be key. We call this cognitive diversity.

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A selection of our Corporate & Commercial Sector clients


Our corporate and commercial sector clients reflect the diverse range of institutions and organisations operating across government in Australia.

“Throughout our engagement, I have been impressed with your professionalism. More-so, your open approach and genuine interest made it very easy to understand the role/opportunity and how I and my experiences might fit/contribute. What I found particularly impressive, was your willingness to provide instant and honest feedback. This had a significant influence on my motivation for the position.

In all honesty, I have interacted with a lot of recruiters, both professionally and personally. I can unequivocally say that my interaction with you has been nothing but first class and reflects a standard that I feel your industry should be aspiring to.”


“David Baber at Fisher Leadership led the process for recruiting our new CEO at South Gippsland Shire. David was able to introduce into the process an excellent range of high-quality people looking for a CEO role in Local Government.

He has a particularly strong grasp of what it takes to be a successful Local Government CEO and has that invaluable ability to match personal traits and characteristics of applicants with the profile of the kind of person you might be looking for. David paid great attention to all the important details in our recruitment process, followed up on our many questions and requests and was thorough and professional from start to finish. He gave wise advice and is an excellent facilitator of group discussion that needs to find consensus. I can highly recommend David Baber and the Fisher Leadership team to a Council seeking the services of  high-quality recruitment professionals.”


“I enjoyed the candid discussions with David about the preferred candidate’s interests and motivations for the role over a long timeline. David kept me well informed. Fisher Leadership had a clear understanding of our needs and our position in the Victorian public sector.”


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As one of the few internationally accredited Executive Search firms in Australia, Fisher Leadership’s global AESC status evinces our high standards while our IMD Partner Firms enable access to talent across the globe. With candidate care ratings that are consistently above industry norms and client relations that are second to none, we look forward to partnering with you to harness diverse leaders with the right mix of experience and future skills for your organisation.




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