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Announcing the acquisition of the Centre for Leadership Advantage

Announcement: Deal to acquire Centre for Leadership Advantage supercharges the CogNative Advisory and Assessment Offering  Fisher Leadership’s Managing Director, Michelle Loader announces the acquisition of the Centre for Leadership Advantage (CLA) this week. The move will significantly boost Fisher Leadership’s advisory capability under the CogNative brand and strengthen its delivery of future of work executive … Continued

Announcing Adam Kyriacou as our new Partner, heading up Gig Executive

Adam Kyriacou has joined Fisher Leadership as Partner for the firm’s Interim Management business, Gig Executive. A specialist in Interim Management, Adam has held numerous executive leadership roles in the UK and Australia and partnered with a range of high calibre clients for over 20 years. Adam has found his niche helping clients find people … Continued

Mental Health Whitepaper: what is the leadership call to action?

Disclosure of a mental health condition remains very low in most workplaces4. A psychologically safe culture that promotes mental health must first be championed by leaders. This includes Boards as well as Executives. It can no longer be the responsibility of the Human Resources team alone. Strong governance, risk management and investment is crucial particularly in the face of an event such as the current pandemic when increased vigilance must to be sustained.

Career Accelerator – Self-worth

Career Accelerator: Outplacement for new world leaders in transition

Interim Resources

An interim role can have a permanent impact

People become interim managers because, quite simply, it is a great career!

How to bring your difference to the table in an interim interview

The rise of the gig economy is shifting the way we work and, therefore, the way we interview.

Tips for interim executive CV writing

An interim CV is quite different from a regular CV. Clients are often looking for candidates who have demonstrated experience in solving similar problems at a similar scale.

What type of interim executive are you?

When considering if the agile life is the better life consider the different ways you could structure your new career.


International Women’s Day 2021: IPAA Live Panel

For over a decade, Fisher Leadership has partnered with IPAA Victoria to host the signature International Women’s Day event, last year attended by more than 1250 women and men, believing it to be absolutely central to our desire to see a truly inclusive and diverse public purpose sector. This year we streamed a COVID-safe live … Continued

LGPro Victoria Panel: Evolution in Local Government – no going back.

Fisher Leadership was fortunate to sponsor a brilliant conversation as part of the 2021 LG Pro Conference for the Victorian Local Government sector. With the theme of “Evolution – no going back”, the conference tackled evolving workplaces, equality, sexual harassment, LGBTQI+ community participation, governance and leadership across the sector.

Indigenous Art, Community Health and Victorian Wellbeing – Me and Uoo Uoo

FISHER LEADERSHIP IS PROUD TO SPONSOR ARTIST GREG MATTHEWS’ PARTICIPATION IN THE ROYAL CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL FOUNDATION ART TRAIL IN 2021 It might seem difficult to believe after the year we’ve had, but rumour has it Melbourne’s streets are set to come to life in February 2021 with a unique, outdoor art event. In support of … Continued

Mental Health & Wellbeing during COVID-19

In the depths of Victoria’s lockdown, we partnered with Committee for Melbourne to shine some points of light oon leaders advocating for mental wellbeing as a workforce priority. Now, more than ever before, it’s crucial to recharge our mental and physical health in order to sustain ourselves as we face into more uncertainty. We know … Continued