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CEDA’s EPO21: What does leadership look like in the new economy?

Fisher Leadership was proud to partner with CEDA at the Victorian Trustees event as part of their two-day Economic and Political Outlook (EPO) 2021. As a firm working with executives to build solutions every day, we thought we’d share our predictions and takeaways for future leadership.

AVI. Your license to operate in the new economy.

At Fisher Leadership we are pulling the threads of diversity and inclusion, future skills, adaptable mindset and change-ready leadership together to form a new way of assessing and connecting to talent.

Mental Fatigue & Burnout

Our world is changing fast. Our work rhythms are disrupted. Our workplaces are being redefined. Our work is requiring us to be more human. Is this a bad thing?

Human Resource Directors in Independent Schools

Source: Image provided by Melbourne Grammar School From the Head of Melbourne Grammar School, Philip Grutzner As little as 15 years ago, Human Resource Directors were unheard of in independent schools. The HR responsibilities were usually amongst the Principal’s responsibilities. Despite their best efforts, not many Principals(Heads) were able to do this well, as they … Continued